Insurance brokerage

10 good reasons to have my insurance policies managed by Colfina Finanz/Treuhand AG (Broker)

  • A single point of contact for all insurance matters in the future.
  • Nothing changes to the existing insurance policies. Only a transfer of responsibility is arranged.
  • As independent brokers, we compare all products on the insurance market.
  • On contract extension, we provide you with various offers, allowing you to compare the different options available.
  • The choice of insurance provider remains with you. We provide the basis on which you make your decision.
  • You receive comprehensive insurance service, including offers, comparisons, etc.
  • As we are fully independent and do not represent any insurance companies, our commitment remains with you as a client.
  • Our existing outline agreements with various insurance companies mean you can take advantage of beneficial conditions.
  • When signing the broker's mandate you do not incur any additional costs at all.
  • Due to our partnership with Broker Service Center GmbH, we are able to provide you with a swift and optimal service.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG

Life insurances

Life insurance products still have to be considered and compared as investment instruments. If you appreciate security, life insurance has to be a topic. This instrument is also very suitable as a tied pension 3a. The choice of the right insurance is very important. The tax effect of life insurance is also worth to take a closer look at. Many insurance products can be purchased in combination with supplementary cover, such as premium waiver or disability pension. Optimize your existing insurance coverage with our help now.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG

Occupational pension plan

The changes to the 2nd pillar are to be observed again and again. In this area, we are constantly encountering new questions. Whether it is for home ownership, the possibility of additional contributions or when it comes to the interest rate and the conversion rates for pensions. It is also necessary to keep in mind the changes in the risks involved. The law and the various regulations must always be observed.

It is also necessary to check the possible investments for a vested benefits account. A comprehensive analysis of the personal situation can give you clarity.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG

Financial precautions analysis

Social security is often a closed book. It is important to keep an updated overview. The coordination between the different social insurances is complicated and has to be reviewed periodically for the individual situation.

Based on a personal analysis, the weak points of your financial security can be located. Overinsurance can also be identified. In addition, premiums are compared and, if necessary, corrections are made within today's situation. All things considered the result is often a better solution at better prices.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG

Non-life insurances

Insurance of objects are necessary to protect belongings against a variety of dangers. The correct coverage is particularly important here. When did you check your non-life insurance portfolio the last time?

Performance and premium comparisons are also very important in this area. Whenever an insurance policy expires, you should generally compare services and premiums. In connection with our business partner for this matter, Broker Service Center GmbH, we are able to offer you the entire range of insurance options on an independent basis. We are only obliged to you.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG