Residential property

Initial financing

Who doesn’t dream of home-ownership? All financing comparisons are in principle prepared to the present day. After a few weeks or months already, you would surely find an even more favourable bank for your building loan or mortgage. For this reason, it is important for an initial financing to determine whether the whole environment of your bank's costs, service and availability suits you. The various financing options including pledging your Pillar 3 a capital or early pay-out of your professional pension capital must be checked repeatedly. As an independent partner, we will be happy to assist you from examining the contract until your property is transferred.

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There is not an affordability. There is only the right affordability. Due to new financing regulations, your affordability must be paid particular attention to. The affordability of a property cannot be simply determined as a third of the wage. You also have to pay ancillary costs and amortisations. Only when all factors are taken into account, an object can be envisaged.

What if?
In direct relation with the financing, the income is exposed to the risks of illness, accident and death. These risks are particularly worth considering. We also prepare these calculations for you.

Registered insurance intermediary VAG