Insurances (Pillar 3 a and Pillar 3 b), when correctly used as a yearly contribution or one-time investment and in the right personal situation, are always a useful alternative within the assets and liabilities structure. Security however always comes at a cost. Only when acknowledging this it is possible to find the right course of action. Insurances often serve a specific purpose and thus provide and important basic source of income.

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Bank investments

A bank product is only as good as it is understood by the client. How much do you know about the cost average effect? There is a large variety of products available. In any case, as a general rule, it is possible to satisfy the client’s individual needs with bank investments. Important to consider with bank investments are volatility, market fluctuations and entry and exit managements, as guarantees are impossible. Thus the advantages and the disadvantages of the specific products, as well as willingness and ability for taking risk have to be discussed.

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Real estate investments still offer solid returns and increases in value. As the past proves, there is no bad time to invest in real estate. Important is only the right size of the investment and the old adage – location, location, location.

Whether owner-occupied, as a rented out income property or as a real estate investment in securities – real estate investments, if possible, should always be part of an investment portfolio.

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